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Relocation and Concierge services

We are a client-focused boutique and therefore our clients' lifestyle is of paramount importance for us.

We strongly believe that active investors and businessmen could and should enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the vicinity of their business headquarters. And the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is just the place.

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Benefits of residence in Luxembourg:

Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement across all Schengen states

(did you know Schengen is a town in Luxembourg?)


Access to one of the best pension systems in the world, with the possibility of transferring all contributions to another EU-country.

Freedom of employment

Once a resident, employment and re-employment in Luxembourg or other EU countries gets hassle-free


Easy access to citizenship after 5 years of residence driven by ambitious demographic policy


Access to the most modern and reliable European financial institutions under bank secrecy protection.


Access to healthcare for all family members in the territory of Luxembourg as well as Germany and France with 75% to 90% of fees reimbursed by the State.

To provide access to these benefits we assist clients with a full range of relocation services:


Legal support

Obtainment of residence permit for entire family through employment or investment schemes



Placing children to kindergartens and schools, obtainment of applicable subsidies



Arranging a short- or long-term car on financing or leasing basis to get around Luxembourg and weekends in Paris, Brussels or Frankfurt 


Banking and Insurance

Introducing to leading banks and insurance companies and assisting on AML/KYC matters 


Logistic support

Transporting furniture, cars and personal belongings to Luxembourg through air cargo including custom clearance. 



Arranging a temporary housing solution and subsequently helping acquire and finance a permanent one


Medical Support

Locating the best doctors and arranging check-ups 

How about we make a simulation of your expenses?
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