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What we do

We are an investment boutique assisting private companies and families capture investment value, capitalize on growth and pass on legacy to the next generations.


We do it by assisting them with the acquisitions and management of the assets that are right for them.

We also help them move to Luxembourg and maintain a high level of lifestyle through our relocation and concierge services.

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How we do it

We pro-actively monitor and keep on our radars a variety of acquisition targets:

  • Residential real estate projects at an early- or mid-stage of development

  • Office spaces with pre-existing leasing contracts

  • Warehouses and logistics hubs with strong upside due to potential integration into global trade routes

  • Assets that are subject to solvent or insolvent liquidations.


Having identified a suitable target, we provide multi-disciplinary due-diligence, raise leverage and assist with the acquisition.


Post-acquisition, we assist with the asset management in order to secure the projected total returns.

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Rapid urbanisation due to demographic changes


E-commerce transforming infrastructure


Megaprojects pursued by countries and municipalities



Geopolitical triggers such as BREXIT

climate change.jfif

Climate change impacting real estate and hospitality assets


Population ageing impacting healthcare industry

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We pay close attention to the areas where growth is fueled by certain fundamental momentum


Property development is at the heart of our business. It allows our clients collect double-digit returns, while delivering sustainable, livable and equitable residential spaces and commercial spaces.

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3, rue des Capucins, L-1313 Luxembourg

+352 28 11 99

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